Saturday, January 5, 2013


Just finished my cup of coffee and settling down to read 'Boneshaker' by Cherie Priest. As long as I'm not called into work today then I think I can make it through the whole book by the time I go to bed tonight. 'Tis not too long. Has to be a good story of course. If it's crap then I won't be able to stick with it for that long.

I start classes on Monday, so I'm stressing a little about what life is going to be like with my homework, job-work schedule, and booktubing schedule. I know I can for sure post one video a week, I just need to figure out if that's going to be an update video or a review first. I'll figure it out. I've got two videos that need to be posted this week anyways, so depending how the reading today goes I might be able to post one tonight :)

Well. Off to work I go! And by that I mean reading. Yeah.

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