Sunday, September 9, 2012

August 2012 Favourites

elizziebooks! She recently put together an entire video compilation of book tubers welcoming other book tubers into the community! It was such a nice video to make and, at least in my case, it helped let people know who else was out there making book reviews and such. Without her having done that video, I wouldn't have gotten to the amount of subscribers that I now have on my YouTube channel, which I am so grateful for!

'Young Victoria'

I don't need to go too deep into this, but I love period dramas (I'm pretty sure that's a real thing) and this was no exception. I can watch this kind of film over and over and over again without ever getting tired.

The costumes in this were beautiful, as were the actors, and sets, and script, etc. It was such a pretty movie and was really well done. There wasn't a whole shit load of unnecessary drama or anything, for which I was so thankful for. It was just a nice, relaxed, romantic film to watch.

Playlist of Awesome: 
Shotgun by Atmosphere
The Loser Wins by Atmosphere
The Last to Say by Atmosphere
She's Enough by Atmosphere
You by Atmosphere
How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina & the Diamonds
Teen Idle by Marina & the Diamonds
Bubblegum Bitch by Marina & the Diamonds
All of the In Flames songs

*Basically I listened to two albums this month guys. How sad is that?

Drink: Hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff melted into it!
Food: Quinoa with two eggs cracked into it at the end.
Person: Evelyn, my little tiny puppy!
Nail polish: Chinchilly by Essie

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