Saturday, August 11, 2012

July 2012 Favourites

Everyone who wished me luck with my dental surgery. It's the little things in life, people! :)

'Batman', 'Batman Returns', and 'Batman Forever' (the Tim Burton ones).

Guys. This is my new love. These three movies are so awesome! Gotham city has never felt like Gotham city until I saw these. I mean, seriously Dark Knight? You live in New York. I know you'd like to think that you live in Gotham city, but no. That city you live in, it's Manhattan island. But nice try.

This Gotham city, is a beautiful, gothic, deep coloured stone, ancient building looking city. The kind of city you would expect Batman to live in.

The characters were the funniest, most psychotic, most comic book, and most awesome characters ever. The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler...These guys are what you expect when you hear their names. Not Halle Berry.

Also, Batman doesn't have all these stupid backstories that Hollywood likes to shove in there for no apparent reason (sorry Dark Knight) and ruin things and create complications that make no sense.

Plus it has music by Danny Elfman, and he just kicks everyones ass :)

Playlist of Awesome: 
Lick the Rainbow by Mord Fustang
Blood by The Middle East
Hands on Me by Vanessa Carlton
Shave it (501 Remix) by Zedd
Ravers Fantasy by Manian
Sky by Manian
Only for the Weak by In Flames
The Quiet Place by In Flames
God of Thunder by KISS
Kissing the Shadows by Children of Bodom

Drink: Peppermint tea
Time of day: 16:00! Naptime :)
Place: My car. Don't know why.
Person: My abuelo.

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