Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Update

Quick video to explain why my August Book Haul has yet to be filmed! I'm going to go to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to get the rest of the books in the LOTR trilogy and I've already started the Fellowship, so I've not stopped everything!

I filmed and uploaded this yesterday, but am posting it today, so I've already had the surgery. The pain isn't so bad now that I've discovered that my body doesn't really do well with any painkillers besides Ibu Profen, but the swelling is worse today than it was yesterday. As long as it goes down today and tomorrow, I should be able to film the video this week! Hooray!

My random favourites post will be up this afternoon though, so keep an eye out! Again, apologies for the delay in my August book haul video :(

-- The Page Boy

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